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Application ID: 1-1434-1370

String: ECO (download public portion of application)

Applicant: Little Birch, LLC

Prioritization Number: 156

Address: 155 108th Avenue NE, Suite 510 Bellevue, Washington - 98004 US

Web Site:

Primary Contact: Daniel Schindler  (Please Note: The contact information provided on this page for withdrawn and delegated applications may no longer be current. The contact information listed reflects the information provided by the applicant during the application phase of the New gTLD Program. This information is not maintained once an application has withdrawn or been delegated. Current Registry contact information for applications that have contracted with ICANN and been delegated can be found at the Registry Listing page:

Phone Number: +1 424 254 8537


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Public Interest Commitments (PICs): 1-1434-1370_Donuts PIC STD Final.pdf

Application Status: Will Not Proceed

Evaluation Result: Pass IE (IE Report)

Contention Resolution Status: On Hold

Contention Resolution Result: Did Not Prevail Contention